Person of Interest - Mr. Reese

I'm not gonna threaten to kill you. I'm going to kill you whether you tell me or not.

This is my first icon/graphic post since June 2011. And what better way to kick off than with the fantastic show that is "Person of Interest".

Currently my #1 show that I do not miss and which always leaves me eagerly anticipating the next episode. This one in particular though? "Wow" doesn't seem to do it justice, but that's what I'll use. The opening alone was spectacular while being so emotionally charged in it's entirety. And who doesn't like to see scary "CIA" persona John on the warpath? Hello! After "The Crossing" aired, I hadn't been that pumped to see the next episode of any television series in a long, long time. It did not disappoint.

I haven't touched PS in years; Here's hoping I'm not too rusty.

172 POI Icons / S3xEP10 - "The Devil's Share"
001-026: Finch 127-148: Pairings
027-073: Reese 149-156: Misc.
074-090: Fusco 157-164: Misc. (Other characters)
091-104: Root 165-167: Misc. (Groups)
105-126: Shaw 168-172: Animated (2 +2 variant)

Note: #158 - Quote - S1Ep09 "Get Carter" | #061 The Dandy Warhols - "Sleep" lyrics | #044,047,048 - Nine Inch Nails - "Hurt" lyrics, #059 - "Copy of a" lyrics.


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Bono & Edge - Numb

Wow, It's been a long time...

Not sure if anyone really follows anything I write up, but I just wanted to pop in to say that I'm still around...and apparently majorly cleaning up the journal 0_o (What on earth was up with all the spam?). The main reason for the absence was the fact that I no longer had access to PS, therefore, not much to post to a "graphic" journal. Looking to change that, so hopefully I'll get something up *cough-person-of-interest-cough*, a-hem.

Also want to say thanks to people who had still wound up here and left kind comments despite this LJ being virtually untouched for so long.
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Doctor Who - Time Lord

Doctor Who S4 Wallpaper - "The Pilgrim"

* Thank you so much to Dave S. & gang of the official Sam Roberts Facebook site (one of my favourite bands <3 ) for the shout out and link back to this wallpaper! It was such a delightful surprise as well as an honour.

P.s. Keep making the awesome music guys. :)

Someone kindly requested If I could make a desktop wallpaper out of one of my previous Doctor Who banners that I used for my Journal, and here it finally is. I know not everybody may be into my particular style so I really hope that at the very least the person who asked for it likes it. Also made a couple really quick icons out of it just because I could. :p

Lyrics are from the song "The Pilgrim" by Sam Roberts. (Listen Here) Images used are from the Series/Season 4 episode 13 "Journey's End".

There are two versions:
001A - A couple verses
001B - A couple verses & entire song lyrics at the bottom

Doctor Who - Series 4
01 Wallpaper (2 versions) || Dimensions: 1024x768, 1280X1024
03 Icons

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Angel of Grief

Photo pops up, Gibbs runs off the reservation, and nobody knows a thing!

First post of the New Year! And it's big.

It's rather ironic that I end up thoroughly enjoying a show that I was so adamant in hating. I admit that it was a rather hasty judgement on my part. However, in my defense, I loathed JAG so much that I avoided it as if it were the plague. So when they announced that there would be a spin-off called "NCIS", I gave it the same treatment, assuming that it was just more of the same. Never saw a single episode for the first six seasons since it's debut, and I was fine with that. My level of interest was somewhat low for an hour of television that appeared to be about some Navy squad comprised of a Goth Scientist, That doctor from Chicago Hope, and "Eyes Only" (the laughable extent of my knowledge that I gleaned off from the few commercials I'd seen over the years).

Then one day I came across it and didn't change the channel because the recap really intrigued me. From then on it was a slow seduction, but eventually I became quite hooked. Never would I have pegged this show to possess as much humour as it does, and God do I LOVE the character quirks and dysfunctional family dynamic. Colour me surprised. :D

NOTE: Some characters aren't featured as much mostly because I did not have any inspiration or ideas on how to work with the images. Also, Please let me know if the hebrew is incorrect.

204 NCIS Icons / S5xEP18+19 - "Judgement Day Parts 1+2"
001-021: Gibbs
022-039: McGee
040-064: Tony
065-082: Ziva
083-102: Abby
103-108: Ducky
109-121: Jenny
122-135: Other Characters
136-196: Groups & Pairings
197-204: Misc./Quotes


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Bono - Achtung baby!

Happy Holidays!

Hey all.

It's been a really, REALLY long time since I've updated. Apologies for that. It was mostly due to a never-ending load of computer problems. They haven't exactly been solved, but I'm able to actually use the computer again, so things are looking up somewhat. But just in case my journal suffers another lapse like so, You'll know why.

I was really trying for an icon post BEFORE Christmas, but that's not gonna happen. But do expect one soon, because a got a shiny new batch nearly finished (Hope you fine people on my Flist like NCIS). Maybe I should try breaking down these batches into several posts rather than one lump sum. You know, so that my posts would be less sporadic and sparse. :p

I just wanted to make sure to drop a line, giving everyone a sitrep of mostly why I've been so absent (not that I'm ever all that active to begin with). Also, Thanks to all the people that continue to swing by my journal and leave lovely comments.

Again, as the title says, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! :)
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Doctor Who - Time Lord

Doctor Who Wallpaper: Time Lord Storm (+ 12 Icons)

Allo, Allo!

This wallpaper is dedicated to two specific people: cynikal_lemon for nudging me to try and make it, and to shigeki_jkp because you are awesome and I think you like Ten as much as I do. ;)

The idea of this is loosely based off of this little icon I made a while back.

Unfortunately, ran into a few problems quality-wise (which I knew was going to happen so it wasn't unexpected) and had to make some changes. As always, it's easier to work small than big, which is why I prefer icon-making to wallpaper-making. Forgive the very poor title I gave this - I had no idea what to call it.

...And since I could, I made some icons out of it too.

Doctor Who - New Series - Tenth Doctor
01 Wallpaper (2 versions) || Dimensions: 1024x768
12 Icons

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Bono &amp; Edge - Numb

I carved you into a new animal, Dean. There is no going back.

Apologies for my ridiculously mega-long overdue icon post. However I've outdone myself by actually hitting the 200 mark! And it's all jam-packed with Supernatural goodness. Even got some C&C awhile back on my overall icon-making skills and tried to implement some of those tips, so hopefully you all like 'em. Sadly, couldn't make any animated icons because my computer continues to majorly suck.

It's cursed, I tell you. *sigh*

Anywho, This episode is definitely one of my favourites. A couple of bombshells, some rather big events, plus we get to experience a little bit of "A day in the life of" our friendly neighbourhood holy tax accountant (Something new considering that prior to this installment, his character pretty much seemed to sporadically pop in for maybe all of 5 minutes in random episodes). So, I for one thought it was nice to catch a better glimpse from his perspective. I know that not everyone is a fan of the whole "Angel" arc, but I absolutely love it, especially in the way in which they are portrayed. Heaven vs. Hell = excitingly epic stuff.

WARNING: A few icons contain coarse language

200 Supernatural Icons / S4xEP16 - "On The Head Of A Pin"
001-031: Dean
032-050: Dean +
› 032-044: Alastair
› 045: Anna
› 046-050: Castiel
051-085: Sam
086-100: Sam +
› 086-088: Alastair
› 089-100: Ruby
101-108: Bros
109-110: Misc.
111-145: Castiel
146-159: Castiel +
› 146-150: Alastair
› 151-153: Anna
› 154: Sam
› 155-159: Uriel
160-170: Alastair
171-183: Anna
184-192: Ruby
193-200: Uriel


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Bono &amp; Edge - Numb

Torchwood Miniseries - We Are...Here - Finally

Just a reminder to all the Torchwood Fans out there - The five night event all throughout this week, begins tonight! NOTE: Each episode has a 1:15 timeslot.

For all my fellow Canucks:
SPACE @ 8:00PM MT / 10:00 PM ET / 7:00PM PT

And my American friends:
BBC America @ 9/8 central

AND another small reminder that DOCTOR WHO: PLANET OF THE DEAD airs on SPACE @ 9ET/6PT/7MT this Saturday (25th).

Don't miss it! :D
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Bono &amp; Edge - Numb

So you get to just stroll out of the pit, huh? Tell me. What makes you so special?

I've been a fan of this show since DAY ONE, and all it took was a ten second long promo for the show's debut that featured only two scenes to get me hooked. It started with a disturbing "WTF-is-going-on?" scene of a woman burning on the ceiling, which then quickly cut to Jensens Ackles's character stating "No 'Chick-flick' moments".

Two scenes, Ten seconds.

...I think that's one of the most memorable promo's for a show I've ever seen.

Ever since Season 4 premiered, my love for the show has further expanded into an almost unhealthy obsession due to the fact that the story continues to progressively get better and has now ventured into mega super awesome epic territory. You bet your a$$ that this is one hour of television that I DO NOT miss.

Oh and did anyone else get a kick out of the motel motif in this episode? Tiger print complete with tiger painting? Lol. :D I know they've come up with some interesting interior decor in the past, but this one makes me giggle.

Oh, and I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter! :)


190 Supernatural Icons / S4xEP01 - "Lazarus Rising"
001-071: Dean
072-103: Sam
104-118: Bros.
119-125: Bobby
126-149: Castiel
150-157: Pamela
158-164: Ruby
165-179: Pairs & Misc.
180-190: Animated


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Doctor Who - Time Lord

Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special airing on SPACE!!!!!

Hello to all my lovely Canadian friends. I have good news for you!

SPACE (Canada's 24-hour Science Fiction network) shall be airing The Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special "The Next Doctor" on Saturday March 14th @ 7:00PM (MT)

This makes me ridiculously happy for two reasons. First, because I haven't seen it yet (I know, I know - and I call myself a fan!? Throw the rocks at me later). Secondly, because SPACE will be airing it instead of f'n CBC which is nearly my least favourite station in the world. No offense to those who love it, but I for one have issues with it. One that immediately comes to mind is the fact that CBC had that nasty tendency of editing the program to fit the 60 min timeslot. Granted, they didn't take out too much, but I still cringe at what they did with the series 4 finale.

So, yeah, I'm positively thrilled that SPACE picked it up, because they're usually very good at NOT EDITING programs like that...and it's a good station. :D

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